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Echinoderm Worksheets and

Teaching Resources


Echinoderm Unit:

Intended for secondary school students, this 3 page unit on echinoderms covers echinoderms classification, radial symmetry, tube feet, water vascular system, and regeneration.


Echinoderm Crossword:

This echinoderm crossword is a great review for the echinoderm unit above.


Echinoderm Wordsearch (Easy):

This echinoderm wordsearch covers the basic concepts of echinoderms without listing the scientific names.


Echinoderm Wordsearch with Scientific Names:

Same echinoderm wordsearch as above but it also includes the main classes such as stelleroid, echinoid, holothuroid, and crinoid.


Echinoderm Facts:

A diagram showing the taxonomic groupings of echinoderms into crinoids, echinoids, stelleroids, and holothuroids.


These resources were created by Chris Gunn