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Earth Science

Teaching Resources

Kinds of Rock Crossword:

Students can review sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks with this crossword on rock classification.


Igneous Rocks Crossword:

This crossword on igneous rocks covers the basic definitions and types of igneous rocks.


Sedimentary Rocks Crossword:

This crossword on sedimentary rocks covers the basic kinds of sedimentary rocks such as shale, sandstone, limestone, and chert.


Metamorphic Rocks Crossword:

This crossword on metamorphic rocks covers the basic definitions such as compact and regional metamorphism, as well as rocks such as marble, slate, gneiss, and other metamorphic rocks.


Weather and Climate Worksheets:

This section contains several worksheets that examine weather and climate topics such as clouds and storms.



These resources created by Chris Gunn






Volcano Worksheets:

These volcano worksheets can be used for reviewing volcano vocabulary.


Fossil Teaching Resources: This section contains a unit on how fossils are made and a fossil crossword.


Kinds of rock Wordsearch: This rock wordsearch can be used to review the three basic kinds of rock.


Rock Cycle Wordsearch: This rock cycle wordsearch includes basic terms related to the rock cycle as well as the sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous



Earthquake Worksheets:

Resources covering basic earthquake terminology.


Erosion Worksheets:

Resources for teaching about erosion processes.


Plate Tectonics Worksheets:

Resources covering basic plate tectonics theories and terminology.