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Gymnosperm Worksheets



The following worksheets present an introduction to gymnosperms without going into overly technical terminology. They are meant to acquaint students with the kinds of gymnosperms alive today.


Gymnosperm introduction: This gymnosperm handout introduces three kinds of gymnosperms: conifers, cycads, and ginkgoes.

Gymnosperm Crossword: This gymnosperm crossword reviews terms covered in the gymnosperm handout.

 Gymnosperm True/False Quiz: This gymnosperm quiz reviews basic facts concerning gymnosperms.







Gymnosperms, along with angiosperms make up the spermatophytes, or seed plants. Gymnosperm means naked seed, which comes from the fact that their seeds are exposed unlike angiosperms, which have covered seeds (usually covered by fruit). Conifers, cycads and gingkoes are all gymnosperms.


These resources were created by Chris Gunn